Texas Antique Week – Round Top

It might take me a whole week to recover from this weekend. Texas Antique week was exhausting, but definitely worth the hype. Here is a recap of everything we did yesterday and some of the places that we visited based off reviews and articles I read prior to going!

My mom and I woke up at 5 a.m. on Monday and headed out to Round Top, Texas to avoid some of the crowds. Did you know Round Top only has a population of 90 people, yet they host one of biggest antique fairs in the world?! Pretty crazy. Anyways, we had no idea what to expect upon arriving in Round Top, but we soon found out the Antique Week covers 20 miles and 6 different towns in the area. We decided to stick to the offerings in Round Top and Warrenton. We spent eight hours alone in just this little area imagine how many days it would take you to cover the whole fair! They have a whole magazine available to help you navigate the fair if you plan on being there for multiple days.

Since we got there so early we drove around a little bit and started looking at some of the vendors in Round Top like Old World Antieks. What I loved about this whole Antique Week is that almost everything is one of a kind, rustic, and unique. My mom and I fell in love with so many different furniture pieces, but it wasn’t worth it to ship it back to California. We decided next time we need to road trip and bring a trailer so we can really go crazy.

Depending on what vendor you visit prices range from affordable to very expensive. Many of the barns had super cute clothing vendors and smaller home decor items, so it’s not all rocking chairs and old lamps from your grandma’s house! Also most of the tents are free to enter so you don’t have to worry about admissions fees.

I did a lot of research prior to going by reading blogs and checking the general websites for the different towns. Texas Monthly also posted a “how-to” article for Texas Antique Week and it was super helpful especially the food recommendations. We checked out the Coffee Bug mentioned in the article and it was the coolest little coffee shop that’s ran out of this old VW Bug!

There is endless amounts of food y’all from BBQ, Tex-Mex, to fried pie stands you can’t go wrong, but you should definitely go hungry!

One of the big draws for me was visiting the Junk Gypsy store. I am obsessed with their show and their lives in general so of course visiting their booth and headquarters was at the top of my list. As you can see I made my mom take many pictures of me in front of their store. The store was even better than I imagined, they had furniture, clothes, books, etc.

The few places I would recommend visiting are the Zapp Hall show, Junk Gypsy Headquarters, and Old World Antieks. I mean obviously you should check out as many places as you can, but if you only have a day like we did then put those at the top of your list!

I came home with :

  • A longhorn skull ( I lovingly nicknamed him Mr. Longhorn and the funniest part about the whole thing was traveling home with him, you wouldn’t believe the laughs I got at the airport. He had the whole back row of the airplane to himself because he’s that big!)
  • A vintage 48-star American flag
  • Custom pillow covers in this beautiful ticking stripe.
  • Junk Gypsy Round Top shirt and koozie

Outfit detals – Show Me Your Mumu Dress | Ariat Boots

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Lake Austin

If I could I would immediately go back to California pack up my suitcases and move to Austin, Texas. I actually applied for several jobs in Austin prior to landing my current positions with Houzz and the Ontario Reign, but I guess it just wasn’t the right timing. I really hope to make the move in the next year though to be closer with my Texas family and experience more of this amazing city.

Today we took the boat out on Lake Austin and ate at Ski Shores Cafe. It’s an awesome place I felt like I was living in a Jake Owen music video! We tubed, relaxed, and just enjoyed the last few warm days before fall weather hits.

Tomorrow I am going to Texas Antique Week in Round Top so stay posted for more pictures and information. This is my first time going to the show so if you have any advice for me let me know in the comments!

L Space Top | VS Itsy Bottoms

 DSC_0753 DSC_0762 DSC_0765  DSC_0772

Shaw’s Cove @ Laguna Beach 

Ah do you hear that? It’s the weekend knocking on the door. I had such a fun day in Laguna Beach with my friend Lauren. 

Luckily I get off work at a decent time and I can go to the beach every day. I drove down to Laguna and met her at Shaw’s Cove. Definitely one of my favorite beaches, the water is crystal clear and you can paddle board and dive in the cove. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will soon! 

Since I’m literally  living at the beach I invested in some nice beach towels and I found a brand called Sand Cloud that I love. Look how cute this towel is!

I’ll post more this weekend about some of my favorite places in Newport so far. 



Labor Day Weekend in Big Bear

This blog post is long overdue, but I have a good reason! I’m writing this as I’m drinking a glass of wine with my new roomate and life is good. 

Over the weekend I moved into my new apartment in Newport Beach and  with that comes a lack of wifi until the weekend. I just couldn’t wait to post these amazing pictures though!

For Labor Day one of my best friends I met in Alabama invited me to her new cabin in Big Bear. We had the best time watching the first football game (roll tide/go Devils) of the season, riding bikes, and antique shopping. I can’t wait to go back to her cabin it is literally the most scenic and beautiful house I’ve ever seen. 

One day we decided to take our cameras out and practice shooting some pictures and this is what we came up with. Pretty cool right? I think we are pretty artsy and hipster  (haha.) I just love the background in every single one of these pictures and it was even prettier in real life. 

Now that I’m finally getting settled in to my new living situation I can start blogging more often. My pictures may be a little less forest and more beachy considering I live less than mile from the ocean! I’m designating Lauren as my new blog photographer since my mom is too far away and she did such an excellent job with these pictures. 

Stay tuned for more! All outfit details linked at the bottom. 

With Love,



 Romper | Boots | Denim jacket – Mango Jeans