Not Your Basic Pumpkin

I work with some of the most creative minds around. We had a team pumpkin decorating contest today and these ideas are on a different level. 

Why settle for a basic ole Jack-o-lantern when you can make one of these amazing pumpkins?! If you’re still looking for decorating ideas look no further. 

P.S. If it isn’t obvious we loveee our Houzz puns. 


How to Plan a Vegas Bachelorette Party

It’s crazy to think that my friends are starting to get married. I’m convinced we aren’t even old enough considering I can barely fold my own laundry, but I digress.

With weddings come the highly anticipated bachelorette party and if you’re really trying to up the ante you go to Vegas. This was my first time co-planning a bachelorette party and I must say we did a great job solely based on how smooth the whole weekend went.

Here are the main things to consider when planning a bach party in Vegas:

  • Location, location, location. It may not necessarily matter how nice the room is, but it DOES matter how close you are to The Strip. The further away equals more $ on transportation to get to clubs, restaurants, etc. We opted for The Signature at MGM.

  • Bachelorette decorations and penis paraphernalia are a must. I found the Team Bride tattoos and the “avoid hangovers” gift bag ideas on The Bach Party Instagram. Team bride buttons and beads are from Spencer’s and I made this fringe banner myself (refer to my other blog post for directions.)
  • Make sure to send some sort of invite to your crew so they know what to pack and what time they can expect to head out on Sunday (the quicker you can face the reality of your hangover the better.)


  • Reservations. Now here is a little secret every girl who regularly visits Vegas knows… Don’t waste time or money making reservations at clubs. You can honestly expect to pay next to nothing if you’re with a large group of girls. They key is to find a promoter on The Strip or use your social media skills to contact someone beforehand. I assumed everyone knew this, but just in case it’s you’re first time in Vegas it’s a good tip to know. Definitely make reservations for restaurants though!


  • Make a game plan. Going during summer? Then you’ll definitely want to go to a pool party. Not into clubbing? Then bar hop down The Strip. Either way having an idea of the places you want to go before you get there will obviously save you some time. On this trip we went to Tao at The Venetian, but I also love Marquee at The Cosmo. We spent Saturday night at the dueling piano bar at the New York New York. You can also get a big drink from Fat Tuesdays and walk down The Strip. The options are endless, but it’s helpful to ask around.

Lastly, this should go without saying, but it’s all about the bride so whatever she says goes! Make it a memorable weekend and just enjoy the last “single days” together!



Golf Game On Par

 Today I hosted the La Kings and Ontario Reign charity golf tournament at the Pacific Palms Resort and Golf Course. 

It was a beautiful day for golf and it was my first official hosting event for the Ontario Reign. Our home opener is this weekend so I was happy to get a little practice in before hosting live! 

I wore this No Rest for Bridget sweater dress and Corral ankle boots. 

Stay tuned for more outfit posts as hockey season officially starts this weekend for me!

Sweater dress | booties (from Buckle) 


Vegas Style: Red Lips & Sequins 

For a 2-day trip to Vegas I highly recommend allowing 2 weeks of recovery time. I’m currently laying in bed wondering how I am going to make it through this work week, but Vegas is well worth it. One of my best friends from high school is getting married next month so naturally we had the bachelorette party in Vegas. It was a great weekend, but I will dedicate another post to planning a bachelorette weekend in Sin City!

My style for occasions like this is always sparkly, the more sequins the better! The first night I wore a silver sequined dress that was a pretty plain style, but that’s ok since there’s already so much going on. I paired it with black heels and wore minimal accessories.

The second night was my favorite! The whole bridal party wore black so I chose this black, low-back romper. I found it last minute at Forever 21 on the sale rack! It was only $13. Yes you read that right. It was a total steal and I typically don’t splurge on dresses for Vegas because the chances of them being ruined are high, just from being in the clubs and running into people.

I linked some similar dresses and rompers below, unfortunately I can’t find that exact romper online!


Black Romper 1

Black Romper 2

Silver Sequin Dress

Gold Sequin Dress

Brunch & Blooms

My best friend is finally in town and I couldn’t be happier! Today I’ve been showing her all around Newport and Laguna Beach. We went to Shaw’s Cove and laid out on the beach since we are experiencing an insane heat wave in SoCal right now. 

I’m so in love with Blooms I need to dedicate a whole blog post to it. It’s the cutest flower shop in Corona Del Mar off PCH. I love it because they have super fresh and unique flowers. You can buy per stem and make your own bouquet! They also sell pre-made bouqets for gifts or special occasions. 

If you spend time around the area I definitely recommend checking out Blooms, you can’t miss their store it’s right on the corner!


Guide to Austin

Here is a list of things I have managed to do since I left Austin last weekend:

  1. Search for apartments in Austin
  2. Look at Gourdough’s online menu several times even though there isn’t one in California
  3. Hung up my new prized possession Mr. Longhorn (a longhorn skull I bought at Antique Week)

I know this list is very overwhelming. I absolutely love Austin and I can’t wait to move one day in the (hopefully) near future. My family recently moved to the Lakeway area and I’m in love with their little community and how close they are to Lake Austin and Lake Travis. I visited last summer as well so this post is a combination of things I did on both trips.

Visit Gourdough’s! My mom and I went to the truck, but there is an actual restaurant downtown. We tried the Miss Shortcake and Flying Pig. Highly recommended.


Tour the University of Texas campus. Once upon a time UT was my dream school. but life obviously took me in a different direction. I still love touring new college campuses even though I’m graduated. The campus is beautiful and you definitely have to stop at the stadium. I even got to check out the ADPi house!

tumblr_n9z0e2zuOT1qlyxlao1_540 tumblr_nagob3TmEy1qlyxlao1_540





Tour the Capital Building. Ah I love history. Political buildings, libraries, and statues give me all the feels. What’s extra cool about the Texas Capital is that it’s right in the heart of downtown Austin so you can see it from Sixth Street and when it’s lit up you can spot it from almost anywhere!



There are so many random graffiti walls and picture spots around Austin. These are the only two I have snapped a photo of so far, but I hear the graffiti park at Hope Outdoor Gallery is pretty amazing. The “I love you so much” wall is at Jo’s Coffee on South Congress and this Austin mural is on 6th Street & SB I-35 Access Road.



Watch the bats at sunset under the Congress Avenue Bridge. To be honest when I tried to watch them last weekend it was one of the few days of the year they didn’t come out. We waited for an hour and a half and they stood us up, how rude of those bats! If you don’t want to miss out like I did read this article on bat season in Austin.

DSC_0839  DSC_0834 DSC_0838

Obviously one of the biggest draws about visiting Austin is the constant party on Sixth Street. I’ve been to Vegas, New Orleans, and spring break in Destin, but Austin is in a category of it’s own. In a way it reminds me of New Orleans because the streets are filled with bars in comparison to the club scene in Vegas. I must say Sixth Street is definitely a little cleaner than Nola though. I went to so many bars and by the end of the night all of the names because a little fuzzy to me (for obvious reasons) but I would recommend to check out as many as you can. The good news is if you don’t like one bar you can just head next door to different one! The picture below is at the Jackalope and nothing tastes better than drunk pizza at 3 a.m.

IMG_4583 IMG_4451

Eating at The Oasis on Lake Travis was probably my favorite thing we did in Austin. The views are incredible and it’s so big it’s almost like a theme park. You can eat, shop, and watch live music on the weekends. You MUST go at sunset to get the best pictures!

tumblr_nagoflaABe1qlyxlao1_540 tumblr_nagp3rqtkJ1qlyxlao1_1280

Any suggestions for my next trip to Austin? There are so many more restaurants on my list by the time I go through them all I’ll be weighing in at 1,000 pounds! Suggestions are welcome in the comments 🙂