Fallin’ In Love With Monograms

It’s been a wonderful weekend celebrating the marriage of two of my close friends! I have known both of them for years so it was great to see all of our mutual high school friends and neighbors throughout the wedding weekend. The ceremony was back in Temecula at Wilson Creek (one of my favorite wineries!)

Only in California could you have an outdoor vineyard wedding in November. It was 84 degrees and sunny throughout the whole ceremony you would have thought it was summer!

I wore this outfit to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night in Old Town Temecula. I absolutely love this sleeveless sweater dress because it’s perfect for “fall” in southern California (please refer to the previous paragraph to remind yourself what fall looks like here lol). I got it from a boutique in Newport called No Rest for Bridget that is pretty popular among girls my age. My booties were a total steal they are Michael Kors, but I found them at Nordstrom Rack just a couple of weeks ago.

I recently got this new monogramed tassel clutch and adjustable monogrammed gold bracelet from Marley Lilly. I have another Marley Lilly purse that I wear frequently and I love the overall quality! Plus they have a ton of color and stitching options. I’m definitely going to be wearing this purse for the next few months since it’s neutral and goes with everything. I think it could even work in the spring! The chain is removable too so if I want to use it as a clutch I can.

Honestly I am the worst with jewelry, I always stick to the same basic pieces mostly because jewelry shopping is overwhelming. I don’t like buying anything too “cheap” or trendy because it goes out of style and I can’t be making trips to David Yurman every week because uh who could afford that. This bracelet is very me though, it’s simple, stackable and obviously personalized with my monogram. Plus it is affordable, but still a quality piece!

My outfit details are linked below:

Dress: No Rest for Bridget (size small)

Michael Kors booties: Similar pair linked here

Marley Lilly Uptown Tassel Clutch

Marley Lilly Monogrammed Jackie Bracelet 


NYC Fall Style

Frank Sinatra has been the mental soundtrack playing in my head all weekend. I’m in love with New York and the excitement of the city. Not so in love with the smells and public transportation, but those minor things are overshadowed by all of the other amazing aspects of NYC!

Today was our last full day in the city. We went to the Statue of Liberty, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to have pizza at Grimaldi’s, walked down Wall Street, stopped by the Met, and finished off with dinner at Carmine’s off Broadway. It’s truly been a magical trip and I can’t wait to share more pictures and details!

We had the perfect fall weather today, which was great considering everything we did involved walking outside (I’ve been averaging 10 miles of walking a day!) I wore a flannel I bought in Soho last night, a J Crew vest, and Converse. This outfit was warm AND cute plus I was able to walk comfortably in sneakers, but they still matched!

All of my outfit details are linked below. Thank goodness my mom was with me on this trip otherwise who would’ve taken all of these great pictures?!


Gossip Girl…. I mean Kayla 😉


J Crew Printed Vest (Size small)

Flannel (Size large)

Joe’s jeggings 



Strolling in Central Park

We finally made it to New York! My mom and I woke up extra early this morning so we would walk through Central Park without the crowds. It was beautiful and cold and just perfect. There was a marathon going on and so many dogs running around the park there was plenty to watch. So far I would say this is my favorite part of New York I could stay there all day!

I wore this Miss Sixty coat I’ve had for awhile, but I love it because it’s a classic! These camel colored boots matched my monogrammed Marley Miley bag perfectly. 

Stay tuned for more pictures and follow me on Instagram for updates!

Similar Lucky boots 

Hockey in Heels

The last two weeks have been non-stop for me. Between working at Houzz and the home opening weekend for the Reign it’s a miracle if I get anything done besides eating and sleeping. I joke around that sometimes I feel like a character from The Sims only focusing on the essentials to survival (do y’all remember playing that back in middle school or am I the only nerd around here?!) Anyways I haven’t had much free time since hockey season started, but I’m also extremely happy to finally be doing my broadcasting job!

This weekend we played the San Antonio Rampage at home and lost both games in overtime, but hey at least my outfits looked cute 😉 During the season I hope to start doing more behind-the-scenes posts from the arena. All outfit details below!



Outfit 1: Jacket (mine is from TJ Maxx, similar linked) | Jeans | Lip Color | Booties (mine are suede the ones linked are leather, but same style)

Outfit 2: Fur vest | Jeans | Boots (similar)