Australia Night 1

I finally made it to Sydney and we wasted no time getting the party started. My friends immediately took me to the beach and a sunset booze cruise around Darling Harbor. Everything is so beautiful, the beaches, the buildings, the people, I’m pinching myself because I still can’t believe I’m in Australia experiencing this. 

It’s about to be “winter” here, but the weather is still very mild like California. Loved this outfit from last night, super comfortable I basically felt like I was wearing pajamas in public. I also brought a million other tops to go with this maxi skirt and did I mention it’s under $35?!

Currently on another plane headed to Bluesfest in Byron Bay (basically the Aussie version of Coachella!) Another post coming tomorrow….

 Asos Maxi Skirt

Zara cropped tank

Tory Burch sandals    



Napa Travel Guide

Napa is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and if you have the opportunity to go for a long weekend I highly recommend it. For my fellow Californians it’s not that big of a trip, but if you are coming from out of state definitely stay a couple days in San Francisco to sightsee then head to Napa.

I always say driving to Napa is like driving through a Hidden Valley Ranch Commercial it is really that green and beautiful. My best friend Danielle moved there after we graduated college and I have been lucky enough to visit her a few times. Every time I go she always takes me to a new restaurant or winery and there are hundreds to choose from. We put our heads together for this travel guide and together we came up with a list of our favorite places we think you should check out in Napa. Thanks for the help Danielle!

Let’s get straight to the important stuff, the wineries. I’ve tasted at several wineries, but these are our top four favorites (in no particular order.) Two of them are actually champagne cellars. Who doesn’t love champagne tasting?! It’s sweet, bubbly and just fun!

  1. Rombauer – Famous for their Chardonnay tumblr_nbdy4qarrx1qlyxlao1_1280
  2. Sherwin Family Vineyards – Owned and operated by our friend from college and his family, it is extremely beautiful and very private. Don’t forget to make an appointment for your tasting! They are famous for being the only vineyard allowed to put the American flag on their bottles. Gotta love that. 



  3. Domaine Chandon – Great selection of sparkling wine, our favorite was the Riche. They always have super cool, limited-edition bottles!



  4. Mumm – Prettier grounds than Chandon, their tasting room has an awesome rustic vibe. We tried their champagne flights when we visited and even got to witness a proposal! Famous for their collaboration with Carlos Santana on select bottles.img_0940-1img_0942

Restaurants – Be prepared to gain at least 10 pounds during this trip because your main activities will be eating and drinking. If you are a foodie or dessert connissouer like myself then Napa will be your own personal heaven.

  1. Gott’s – The original location is in Saint Helena, you’ll be able to spot the line from a mile away. There is also another location in downtown Napa, equally as great maybe a little less traffic. They have classic burgers, shakes, and fries. Everything is delicious and they even serve wine because it’s Napa of course. img_0928img_0929
  2. Guigni’s Deli – If you do anything in Napa I insist you go here. This is my all-time favorite sandwich place and I make Danielle take me EVERY TIME I visit. It’s located in downtown Saint Helena. I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic they use to make their sandwiches so good and I don’t even care. You HAVE to get the Guigni juice no ifs, ands, or buts about it. While you’re at it ask for EXTRA Guigni juice and you can thank me later. Can’t you see the pure joy on my face in that picture?!img_0931img_0932img_0945
  3. Woodhouse Chocolates – Very expensive and very worth it. Also in downtown Saint Helena.  img_0937-1
  4. Oxbow Market – Unfortunately no pictures, but if you have ever been to the Ferry Building in San Francisco it is very similar. Big selection of restaurants, shops, and groceries. We got a little cupcake sampler at Cara’s Cupcakes because our metabolisms are still kicking and those cupcakes aren’t going to eat themselves.

Picture opportunities

  • Mustard fields – Mustard grows everywhere in Napa, just pull off to the side of the road anywhere and take some cute pics in the pretty, yellow flowers. img_0912-2img_0906-1img_0793
  • Welcome to Napa Sign – You can’t miss it as you’re driving into town it will be on the left. We were the ultimate tourists and took a million photos. Sorry for embarrassing you in front of all the locals Danielle! img_0943DCIM100GOPROGOPR1474.img_0794

I don’t have any suggestions for hotels or lodging since I always stay with my friend, but if you have any recommendations please feel free to comment below. Hope this travel guide helps if you are planning a trip to Napa in the near future or just looking for some travel inspiration!


Safe Travels,