Sydney Travel Guide

This post is slightly delayed, but in light of my crazy schedule and being insanely sick it’s nice to work on this guide and smile looking back at all of the great pictures and memories!

Prior to leaving I did a little research on Pinterest and travel blogs to get an idea of sights I wanted to see once I arrived. My list included Bondi, the Sydney Opera House, and Manly. For the most part I just let my friend show me around, it was nice not having a set schedule and going with the flow!

Sydney is a beautiful, diverse,  clean and overall very fun city.  I’ve been daydreaming about Sydney ever since I returned from my trip a few weeks ago. If you’re planning a vacation to Australia no amount of time is long enough to be honest with you. The city is huge like New York with many neighborhoods so it could take you weeks to see it all!

Below is an outline of the some of the stops I made in Sydney including landmarks, restaurants, and beaches. I would love to go back and explore other parts of the city I missed like Bronte Beach, the downtown area, Surry Hills, and Watsons Bay.





Speedo’s Cafe – I found this place on Instagram and my heart started pounding the moment I laid eyes on one of their over the top cronuts. They have an amazing dessert menu and they are known for their cronuts (a cross between a croissant and donut.) Follow them on social media to see even more totally photo worthy dishes. I also tried a yummy pitaya bowl pictured below!


More coffee with ice cream….

I tried an espresso martini for the first time in Sydney and I’ve been hooked since! My Aussie friends insisted on drinking these to help with the jet lag, especially on the first night since we went to a boat party!

One night we went out in downtown and I had the pleasure of trying a Scary Jar from Scary Canary. I definitely do not recommend having more than one haha. Scary Canary was a great time I would check it out if you’re looking for a fun party bar!

Mrs. Jones’ Bakery in Freshwater had delicious croissants and coffee. Just looking at all of the desserts in the window is enough for me to hop on the next flight to Australia…



Of course I couldn’t miss the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It’s nice because you can take pictures of both at the same time and you get a great view as you’re coming in on the ferry. I didn’t do the bridge climb, I heard mixed reviews from friends some said it was worth the money said some it wasn’t. Considering it was such a short trip and the bridge climb takes several hours I skipped it this time, but who knows maybe I will do it during my next trip!


One thing that was very different compared to the U.S. is people in Sydney take ferries to work! If you live in north Syndey by Manly/Freshwater you can take a ferry from Manly Wharf right into the main harbor. Best part of the ferry ride was the bar, you can drink beers on your commute! I took some great photos since it was such a scenic ride.

I really loved Manly. I decided that if I ever moved to Sydney I would try to live as close to Manly as possible. It’s your typical small beach town most comparable to corona del mar. As I was walking along the paths I found these man made tide pools, these seem to be a really popular thing in Australia! Check out that view though, I hope to someday be the person lounging on that yacht in the background 🙂


I wrote a whole post about Bondi Beach, but I highly recommend staying in the area for a couple of days. Bondi was by far the most breathtaking beach I saw in Sydney. There are tourists everywhere, but I think that’s all part of the experience. I hear you can pay a couple of dollars and swim at the Icebergs for the day, which sadly I didn’t have the time to do!

This about sums up my time in Sydney, I had such a limited amount of time there was way more I wanted to see and do once I got there, but now I have things on my list for next time. My favorite thing I did in Sydney was exploring Bondi, it really is all it’s cracked up to be so put it at the top of your checklist!


Safe travels,




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Stagecoach Style

Here’s a little run down on everything I wore during the 3-day festival. It was basically a redneck fashion show and the girls came dressed to impressed. I saw so many cute outfits and just beautiful people in general! 

Day 1

Cactus Shorts (matching top here and romper here)  

Crop Top 


Tony Lama Boots (my new fave!)

Day 2 

White Lace-Up Dress

Ariat Crossfire Caliente Boots – no longer available

Day 3


Crossfire Tank

Stagecoach 2016

Only 365 days until the Stagecoach 2017 who’s coming?!

This was my first music festival and it was a BLAST. I know I say every weekend is the best weekend of my life, but this was definitely in the top three. We had a great group of girls, the performances were awesome and our resort was gorgeous. There was nothing more I could ask for. Thanks to Lauren, Kelly, Bree, both Brookes, Sam, and Maddison for making it a Stagecoach to remember!

We stayed at the La Quinta Resort & Club which was perfect because they were on the shuttle line for Stagecoach so we had easy access to the fields. I think we also liked the fact that they had a taco bar set up until 2 am, but I’ll skip that part. Next year we all said we would extend the weekend an extra couple days so we can recover at the resort instead of heading home right away!

There was so much to do at Stagecoach you really have to prioritize each day. The first two days we opted to hang out at our hotel pool then head to the concerts later because it was so hot. The last day we made it to the fields by 3 pm and we took pictures, walked around, and saw some of the smaller artists. Everyone says the RV lot is where the real party is at, but sadly we never made it over there.

Stagecoach has literally everything. A petting zoo, line dancing classes, beer gardens, BBQ, a Ferris wheel and the list goes on. Alcohol and food is expensive (duh) but you’re there all day so it’s worth it!

I will definitely be going back next year regardless of the lineup just because it’s such a great time. I was lucky enough to see some of my favorites like Eric Church (long live Talladega Lauren!), Luke Bryan, Old Dominion, and Chris Young. We even had friends fly in from Florida and Georgia and they said they would come back for it.

Cheers until never time y’all!