5 Favorite Murals in Austin

I’ve been to Austin three times now and each visit I fall a little more in love with the city. It’s so weird yet southern at the same time. The perfect mix of California and Texas, kinda like me I guess! 

Austin is known for its slew of amazing street artists. There are always freshly painted murals around downtown and you can find wall art everywhere you go. It’s taken me three trips to finally pick my favorites, but here they are! I can’t imagine these particular murals disappearing anytime soon, especially the “I love you so much” wall since it’s so famous! Click on the links to learn a little more about some of the murals. 

1. “Willie for President” – Stag Provisions for Men  1423 S Congress Avenue 

willie for president mural austin tx california roots cowboy bootswillie for president mural austin tx california roots cowboy boots

2. “You’re My Butter Half” – United Way for Greater Austin 2000 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. 

you're my butter half mural austin tx california roots cowboy bootsyou're my butter half mural austin tx california roots cowboy boots

3. “Greetings From Austin” – Roadhouse Relics 1720 S 1st Street

greetings from austin mural california roots cowboy boots

4. “I Love You So Much” – Jo’s Coffee 1300 S Congress Avenue 

i love you so much mural austin california roots cowboy bootsi love you so much mural austin california roots cowboy boots

5. “Historic Sixth Street” – 6th and SB I-35 Access Road 

historic sixth street mural california roots cowboy boots

Best Jumping Spots on the Colorado River 

I am excited to incorporate a new “Travel Tuesday” series on my blog! With the amount of traveling I have been doing lately and more trips planned in the near future I think detailing the best part of my adventures weekly is a great way to keep you in the loop. Hopefully some of these places make it on to your bucket list.

These are the four best spots on our part of the river spanning from Topock Gorge to Jack Smith Marina, which covers about 20 miles by boat. If you are familiar with the area feel free to share your favorite spots in case I missed anything, we are always looking for new places to jump!

Without further adieu, here is a list of the best spots to cliff jump and rope swing on the Colorado River starring my brother, Walker! Rope Swing on the Topock Bridge

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.05.12 AM.png
All spots are located within 10 miles of the Topock rope swing. To get directions use “Topock66” as your destination.
  1. Rope Swing on the Topock Bridge 

You can’t miss this landmark you have to drive your boat under the bridge in order to get to Topock66 or Pirate’s Cove! There are ski handles permanently tied to the steel rafters. It’s actually a train track so if you wait long enough you’ll see the train go by as you’re swinging off!

Topock Bridge ArizonaRope Swing on Topock Bridge ArizonaRope Swing on Topock Bridge Arizona

2. The “Keep Off” Tower Between Topock and The Gorge

There isn’t an official name for this spot besides the fact there is a “keep off” warning painted on the side. It’s fairly easy to climb up since there is a staircase, but the concrete and metal is VERY hot during the summer since temperatures skyrocket to 120 degrees or hotter.

Cliff Jumping In Arizona


3. The Topock Gorge

There is really only one cliff to jump off in the The Gorge. Since it’s a “no wake zone” it’s easy to have a boat drop you off close by and wait. Once again the rocks are extremely hot during the summer so bring sandals or water shoes. This spot is more for experienced cliff jumpers, the lowest platform is about 25 feet and the highest is around 40 feet.

Cliff Jumping in Arizona


4. The Silver Penis

I’m not sure if we gave it this name when we were younger or if it’s always been called “the silver penis,” but either way you can’t miss this spot! You can take backroads from Highway 40, but it’s easiest to reach by boat. If you head upriver it will be on your left before you hit Jack Smith Marina. As you can see it’s not very high so you’ll see plenty of younger kids jumping off as well.


Safe Travels,


White Summer Dress

This little white dress is perfect for summer and would you believe me if I told you it was $25?! I bought this from Asos before my Australia trip and I always receive compliments when I wear it. 

It’s cotton so you don’t have to worry about it being see through! It also comes in other great summer colors. Asos is my new obsession, free shipping over $40 and they have a HUGE selection, count me IN! 

These cork wedges were a recent purchase from the Nordstrom Sale and they are still available online in plenty of sizes. Really comfortable, no breaking in required 🙂

White Off The Shoulder Dress


Arizona + Utah Road Trip

 For Memorial Day Weekend I took a road trip to Utah and Arizona with three friends from work. We visited Zion National Park in Utah and Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in Arizona. There was no shortage of beautiful scenery on this trip that’s for sure! The red rock canyons, turquoise river, and desert landscapes are a photographer’s dream. Luckily my crew was patient so they didn’t mind stoping and taking a thousand pictures!



We left Newport Beach at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning and headed straight to Zion. By 1 p.m. we started our hike up Watchman Trail, a shorter hike, but still a great view! Since it was a holiday weekend everything was moving a little slower because of traffic and longer lines, but once we were on the trail we had plenty of space. I fell in love with Zion it’s definitely a place I want to spend more time! Several friends recommended hiking The Narrows and after looking at photos I am so bummed we didn’t do it this time, but now I have something to look forward to next time. There were a lot of cute hotels and restaurants in Springdale, which seems like the best place to stay if you are spending multiple days hiking.

Horseshoe Bend

The next leg of the trip was a two and a half hour drive to Page, AZ where our hotel was for the night. We woke up at 4:30 a.m. again on Sunday to make it to Horseshoe Bend before the crowds descended. Even though we were a little sleepy in the morning, standing on the edge of a 300+ foot cliff quickly woke us up. Seeing Horseshoe Bend for the first time gave me the chills and I just felt closer to God because of how beautiful it was. It makes you wonder how something this amazing was created. It was my favorite part of the trip and next time I hope to catch the sunset over the bend!

Antelope Canyon

Our final stop was Lower Antelope Canyon. Since we got an early start we were one of the first groups to arrive. For those of you that haven’t done this road trip before your best bet is to do it on a non-holiday weekend and take a day or two off. If you must go on a holiday weekend make sure to get an early start with EVERYTHING. None of the tours were taking reservations for the weekend due to the high volume of traffic coming in, but we were lucky enough to sneak in with one of the first groups. Keep in mind summer in Arizona is extremely hot, so the temperature can easily creep up to the 100s by noon, but the best lighting in the canyon is also later in the day so you have pick your poison on that one.

Antelope Canyon was just as beautiful in real life as it is in pictures. The only bummer part about the tour was the amount of people in our group so it was a little difficult to take our time with photos. Luckily the tour guides are super knowledgeable on camera settings and the best places throughout the canyon to take pictures so just ask for help when you need it. You can choose between Dixie Ellis Canyon Tours or Ken’s Tours, you are required to go with a tour company to see the canyon and entrance costs about $25. I do not recommend going to Lower Antelope if you can’t handle steep inclines or stairs. To get in and out of the canyon there is a steep, uneven, metal staircase and narrow canyon walls that you have to squeeze through. To figure out what photos I wanted I looked up all of the places we went to on Instagram beforehand to see what people were posting and to get photo ideas!

My goal for summer is to become a weekend warrior and plan more two-day trips so I don’t have to miss work. Taking time off work is a struggle everyone deals with and I’m trying to find the best destinations that allow for enjoyable trips without missing days. Road trips are great because it eliminates the hassle of flying and if you live somewhere with several boarding states then you have plenty of out-of-town options! Stay tuned for my upcoming summer adventures and tips on how to make the most out of weekend travel!