Chicago Food Guide

The best part of any trip is trying all the great food the city has to offer! I love going on Instagram and screenshotting unique dessert places that come up on my feed. Prior to going to Chicago I started following popular food accounts like Chicago Food Authority and Eater Chicago. After about a month I had a whole collection of places I knew I wanted to check out.

chicago food guide the sweetest escapeMy friend Baker also had a few places in mind and our favorite restaurant of the weekend was actually one he took us to! We didn’t have a single bad meal while we were visiting. Every coffee, donut and pizza slice was pure perfection. With that said after all the eating we crammed into two days we were hurting. I had to make a CVS pitstop on Saturday afternoon for Tums because my body was on cheese and donut overload.

There are so many restaurants we unfortunately didn’t make it to, but we have them on out list for next time. Besides it wouldn’t be fun if we knocked everything out in one weekend, we have to have reasons to go back!

Here is a list of all our stops organized by desserts, dinner, and drinks. To read about the other activities we did check out my “48 Hours in Chicago” post from earlier this week.


Firecakes Donuts 

They had a truck at the Taste of Chicago so we tried the mini vanilla donuts. They are known for the donut ice cream sandwich!

firecakes chicago the sweetest escape

Glazed and Infused

They were rated the best donut shop in Chicago for four years in a row! Very fluffy and thick, almost like a croissant donut.

glazed and infused chicago the sweetest escape blog


Eli’s Cheescake

Also at the Taste of Chicago we tasted the original cheesecake and it was great, but nothing to write home about.

elis cheesecake chicago the sweetest escape blog

Caffe Gelato

Also at Taste of Chicago, we tried all three sorbet flavors available including lemon, pineapple and blood orange. My favorite was the blood orange.




This was our favorite restaurant of the weekend (if you couldn’t tell by the number of pictures we took!) The brunch was unbelievable, we got a breakfast pizza and spiked coffees. Baker’s bloody mary even came with a pizza slice on top! The backyard reminded me a lot of places in Austin with the airstream, neon signs and garden lights. I highly recommend this one, Baker says he always takes guests here and it never disappoints.

homeslice chicago the sweetest escape blog

homeslice chicago the sweetest escape bloghomeslice chicago the sweetest escape bloghomeslicechicagosignbloodymarychicagohomeslice

Bernie’s Lunch and Supper

Unbelievable burgers with an even better rooftop view!

bernies chicago the sweetest escape blogbernieschicago49c18b29-bca0-4ac8-991c-6960724c5c7d

Giordano’s vs. Lou Malnati’s

This is probably one of the most controversial posts I will ever write and…. The great Giordano’s vs. Lou Malnati’s debate. While both places were beyond delicious, Jen and I preferred Giordano’s because of the crust-to-cheese ratio and the crust thickness.

The pizza at Giordano’s was like eating a piece of flaky, rich pie. It was very thick with tons of cheese. I’m of the mindset that you can never have too much cheese, if you wanna put five pounds of cheese on a pizza you won’t hear me say no. Going to Giordano’s is definitely an experience so plan accordingly. It was an hour wait just to get seated and you have to order your pizza ahead of time because it takes 45 minutes to bake.

This is not to say that Lou Malnati’s is not good, because it definitely is. It really just depends on your preferences. Their crust is a little crispier and thinner than it’s rival. I’ll end the discussion on this note, deep dish pizza is in a class of it’s own and both places are fantastic. Then again I’ve never said no to pizza before because I think it’s all great so you might just have to make a trip to Chicago and decide on your own!

lou malnattis chicago the sweetest escape blog
Lou Malnati’s

lou malnattis chicago the sweetest escape blog
Lou Malnati’s

giordanos pizza chicago the sweetest escape blog

giordanos pizza chicago the sweetest escape blog

The Hampton Social

The coolest bar we went to in Chicago, everything is nautical themed and I felt like I was in a Jimmy Buffett music video. They have a really photogenic wall in the back with a neon “Rose all day” sign. Look it up on Instagram, I swear everyone takes a photo here!

hampton social the sweetest escape blog

Intelligentsia Coffee

The best iced vanilla latte I have ever tasted.

intelligencia coffee chicago the sweetest escape blog

That wraps up all of our meals for the weekend!  I hope you are impressed with the amount of food we ate because writing this post made me feel sick all over again. Give me a couple more days and I’ll be ready to fly back for round two!

Travel Well,


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