10 Insta Worthy Desserts in Orange County

After thousands of calories consumed and countless pictures later, I present the ten most insta worthy dessert places in Orange County! It was a lot of hard work eating all of these desserts over the course of six months, but I don’t regret a minute of it. Kidding of course, but I love the variety of desserts in OC. From Japanese inspired gelato to over the top donuts there is something sweet to please everyone’s taste buds. There are new, trendy places popping up all the time like #3 which just opened last month. If you have any recommendations please comment below and let me know what else I need to try!


  1. Crepe Coop at Anaheim Packing District

2. Popbar at Anaheim Packing District

3. The Loop

4. Eiswelt Gelato

5. Ruby’s Shake Shack – So many shakes to choose from, but the best part about this Ruby’s is you get dessert AND a view. 

6. Sidecar Doughnuts – Consistently my favorite donut spot. They release new flavors each month. Definitely a “must have” if you’re coming to Newport Beach.

7. Cauldron Ice Cream – Don’t forget to order a puffle!

8. The Dirty Cookie – They have their own homemade vanilla cream, chocolate, cream, and cold brew coffee on tap.

9. Afters – Several locations in Orange County, the original is in Fountain Valley and they have chocolate milky buns.

10. Pressed Juicery – Only select locations have the Pressed Freezes.  

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